What is Computer Science?


Computer Science is the study of step-by-step computational methods for solving problems by encoding, storing, tracking and transforming information. It involves the creation of fundamental software (sets of computer instructions) for solving practical and theoretical problems and performing tasks that lend themselves to computational solutions. It extends to the construction of software that learns and adapts to circumstances in the course of solving problems and also ways to enable computers to learn and adapt.

Computer Science is different from:

  • Computer Engineering: The study of computer hardware design and the physical circuitry that make up computers. This field is related to electrical engineering and traditionally emphasizes a hardware up understanding of computers.
  • Computer Information Systems: The study of the use of computers and computer software to solve business problems. It concerns learning how to set up systems to solve specific business problems, for example, tracking inventories, printing payroll checks, analyzing sales. CIS majors study some programming, but generally without the technical depth required to produce large and complex software.
  • Information Technology (IT): The study of information technology in order to be able to maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot computer systems used within an organization. IT is focused on solving systems problems and setting up computer technology for use.