I would like to extend you a warm welcome on behalf of the faculty and staff of the UCC’s Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (DCSIT). The Department offers three programs: BSc Computer Science, BSc Information Technology and a PhD in Computer Science and Application. These programs provide a comprehensive education in both theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT). There are a variety of exciting courses, including software engineering, artificial intelligence, internet systems and technology, computer security, algorithms, data structures, programming languages, operating systems hardware development, databases, networks design, business management and practices, as well cryptography, Data mining, Optimization as some of our doctoral studies in computing-related fields.

The Computer Science and Information Technology field is very broad and dynamic. It encompasses new technological developments and its applications. Our academic program in Computer Science and Information Technology aims to provide our students a firm foundation in the field of Computer Science and its applications and prepare them to become an effective computer science professional. The Department is dedicated to quality education and research, our graduates are highly recruited within educational and research institutions, government agencies, and private industry. You can also find detailed information about all of our degree options, courses, faculty and research throughout this website.

To prospective scholars and students, we welcome you to be part of our challenging and exciting environment in your quest to seek an opportunity to develop yourself into competent computer or information technology scientist. I hope you consider joining us. I would encourage you to spend time to navigate our webpage. To all our dear students, we in the Computer Science and Information Technology Department look forward in making your UCC Education a success.

Cheers HOD

For more than 25 years, computing courses have been provided for students from various departments by the computer centre. With the recent developments and trends in the information technology (IT), the University of Cape Coast established an academic department known as the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. The primary focus of this department is teaching and research in computing.  Furthermore the need for trained computer scientists and information technologists is one of the challenges that face the rapidly growing Ghanaian economy.   

The worldwide shortage of qualified human resources in IT has been the main obstacles to the deployment, exploitation and development of ICT to accelerate socio-economic development. In Ghana there is an urgent need to meet this shortfall in computer science with graduate having the requisite skills. This programme is geared toward this major area of manpower requirement by preparing qualified SSS graduate for a career in IT. The programmes that the DCSIT runs are geared towards this major area of manpower requirement. In this regard, the department admits qualified SSS graduates and train them for a career in computing.


To produce the best trained Computer Science graduates and IT professionals through well-equipped department with finest researchers, qualified personnel and state-of-art facilities. 


Providing quality Computer Science and Information Technology education using the finest researchers, qualified personnel and state- of-the-art facilities.


The Department has the following as its core values:

  •  Diversity – The Department has as one of its values the respect for all persons regardless his or her race, religion, tribe or creed.  We believe that diversity is strength and not a weakness.  Therefore, we ensure there is equal opportunity for all.
  •  Academic Excellence - The University of Cape of Cape Coast stands for academic excellence and the department shares in that value. 
  •  Ergonomic Environment – The department also ensures that there is a safe and enabling working environment for staff, students etc.
  •  Cordial student – departmental relationship.  The department also cherishes cordial relationship with our students for they are the reason we are existing.
  • We value diversity and promote respect for diversity in all our courses and programming..
  • Faculty members represent a broad range of interests and backgrounds and share a commitment to high-quality education.
  • We promote the type of high-quality writing, research, and communication skills that are fundamental to success in future academic and professional endeavors.
  • Our students are regularly recognized as outstanding among graduate students in the country
  • Students are allowed to receive academic internships at other  IT firms and companies during holidays.