Vision Statement

To produce the best trained Computer Science graduates and IT professionals through well-equipped department with finest researchers, qualified personnel and state-of-art facilities. 

Mission Statement

Providing quality Computer Science and Information Technology education using the finest researchers, qualified personnel and state- of-the-art facilities.

Core Values

  1.  Diversity – The Department has as one of its values the respect for all persons regardless his or her race, religion, tribe or creed.  We believe that diversity is strength and not a weakness.  Therefore, we ensure there is equal opportunity for all.
  2.  Academic Excellence - The University of Cape of Cape Coast stands for academic excellence and the department shares in that value. 
  3.  Ergonomic Environment – The department also ensures that there is a safe and enabling working environment for staff, students etc.
  4.  Cordial student – departmental relationship.  The department also cherishes cordial relationship with our students for they are the reason we are existing.